Our Commitment to the Environment

We recognise the relocation industry’s environmental impact and that is why we proactively invest in transformative climate solutions.

With a short window of time to significantly shift the tide with what is happening to our planet, we at RelocatEU are not going to standby and let climate change happen.

We believe it is our collective responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions and make the net-negative vision into a reality

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Sustainability through Collaboration

We are proud to partner with Operation Crayweed in Sydney who developed a unique process to restore underwater forests by transplanting adults seaweed to deforested rocks using biodegradable mesh. This process enables adults seaweeds to produce baby seaweed who permanently attach to the reef, forming a new, self-sustainable population while restoring the habitat for a diversity of fishes and protecting the marine biodiversity.

Our Impactful Environmental Initiatives

For every 3rd booking, we donate an underwater tree that will be used to create seaweed habitats for marine life and will also sequester carbon dioxide at a much faster rate than buying saplings.

Did you know? Whilst trees take 5 years before they start sequestering carbon dioxide, seaweed begins after only 3 months.

Sustainability through Collaboration

0 million +

Square Km of Trees Have Been Deforested Since 1990

0 billion +

Global Net Loss of Trees Per Year Due to Agriculture Manufacturing, Forestry and Wildfires

0 billion +

Tonnes of Lost Carbon Sequestration Every Year

Reforestation, reimagined

Tree planting is a slow and labour intensive process, which though admirable, cannot keep the pace with the speed of habitat loss every year.

That is why we are proud to partner with an innovative company AirSeed revolutionising the planting process via cutting-edge drone technology & biotechnology to rapidly accelerate reforestation, prevent further global warming & sequester CO2 on a global scale.

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Climate Forward Strategy

We at RelocatEU are determined to tackle climate change head on and we understand that forests are at the heart of this crisis.

In order to help tip the scales against global warming, for every booking RelocatEU donates a SeedPod that will in time rebuilds habitats for wildlife, improve air quality & soil stability and sequester CO2.

Let’s build a low-carbon future together!