Our Moral Obligation

We at RelocatEU have at heart to bring real & valuable benefits to vulnerable communities that have been put in harm’s way due to severe climate volatility, natural disasters and poverty stricken areas.

Our aim is to improve the health & lifestyle of rural population through projects ran solely by RelocatEU via staff employed on-site. Our projects are ran mostly by people living in local villages, enabling us to directly interact with all the communities to address their most urgent needs & tackle their long-term issues.


RelocatEU is dedicated to alleviate poverty especially its most extreme form hunger.

Pakistan is a country highly impacted by the climate crisis & natural disasters leading to undernutrition & poverty affecting almost 40% of the population.

That is why RelocatEU opened its own Soup Kitchen in January 2022 in Lahore, Pakistan serving 2000 free meals per month and aiming to steadily increase the number of meals over the years.

Clean & Safe Water Access

Our aim at RelocatEU is to increase access to clean water in rural areas.

We are so proud to announce that our RelocatEU team of locals have already successfully installed 3 water wells in small isolated villages in Pakistan, where there was no prospect in the foreseeable future of any piped water system being installed.

The 3 water wells providing clean water are now fully functional and operated daily in both villages by adults & children alike.


Natural disasters, poverty, poor life expectancy and hunger are dramatically increasing the number of orphans with currently over 4.2 million orphans in Pakistan.

That is why we have partnered with SOS Children Village NGO in Lahore due to their unique structured alternative care concept and family strengthening values.

We regularly visit the premises, donate food, clothing, fund projects such as women empowerment workshops or trauma counselling and psychological support for children who have been through difficult life experiences.

A Helping Hand

Each quarter, every single RelocatEU team member nominates a charity of their choice for us to donate to. We are so grateful to have such a kind & selfless team, thanks to their suggestions, we have been able to help the following charities around the world: